Expert Tips on Solving Possible Challenges When Painting by Numbers

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 The most amazing aspect of paint by numbers is that it comes as a compact kit having everything you require to put your painting skills into action. The equipment in the kit includes various brush sizes, numbered color boxes, and a numbered sketch canvas to practice your creativity.

All you do is select a color with a number marked on the box, match it with the one on the canvas and fill in the spot. There is the option of paint by numbers for adults which helps adults, as well as any other interested individuals, learn the art of painting.

While on the painting practice, it is common to encounter certain challenges as outlined below and what to in case any of them happens.

Clogged Brushes

Paint by numbers kit comes with acrylic paints. It is common to have the thick paint getting stuck on the brushes once they dry and it can be hard to get it off while at the same time takes up a lot of your time trying to cleanse. To correct this, dip your brushes in nail polish thinner for a while to have your brush hairs free of any clogged paint.

Consider Using Water

You can consider not using the color straight on the canvas. As the paint is normally quite thick, you can add a small amount of water before using it to have a thinner consistency as you would like to use.

Wet Cloth Peace

You need to keep cleaning your brushes while painting. Most people do not know this fact. You can have a wet cloth to clean your brushes in place of paper towels. This is because paper towels wear off quickly and the wet cloth removes paint residues from your brushes faster and effectively.

Familiarize with the Brushes

Working with new brushes can sometimes prove to be a challenge and it needs little effort. However, the brushes in custom paint by number kits work just fine. It is however not a problem to use brushes that you are familiar with already since they grant you all the comfort and control that you need.

Blurring tips

If you love to have a blurry look on the corners or background of the portrait, your best option would be to use a clean brush to apply the painted color over an almost similar color on the canvas. Your fingers can also achieve this perfectly well.

Three Brushes

The kit comes with 3 different size brushes with each one having a specific job. The big brush is used for softness, the medium brush for sharpness, and the small one for crispness in that order and small and large areas as well. You can however use the brushes as you please but remember not to paint with a single brush.


All the above tips will not be of help if you are not physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to paint. You need to have a painting passion and make yourself comfortable and relaxed. To ace the art of painting effectively, you need to blend your emotions into it and you can as well have paint by numbers custom made for you.

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